Staff Of Presidency Now 995 – Annual Report

Staff Of Presidency Now 995 – Annual Report



Staff of the Office of the President number up to nine hundred and ninety-five (995) as at 31st December, 2021. This is contained in the annual report prepared by the Office, “Pursuant to Section 11 of the Presidential Office Act, 1993, (Act 463).” The report covers the


following areas:

(i) The number of Presidential Staff employed at the Office of the President during the period;

 (ii) The ranks and grades of these staff; and

(iii) Employees of other Public Services assigned to the Office of the President

The break down is as follows:




a. Minister of State – 1

b. Presidential staffers – 44

c. Other junior political appointees – 292

d. Civil and Public Sector employees – 658

Employees of Public Sector Organizations assigned to the Office included: Civil


Servants of various Classes (i.e. Administrative, Executive, Records, Secretarial, Budget, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Presidential Household), as well as staff of the Department of Parks and Gardens, Ghana Health Service, Controller and Accountant General’s Department, Ghana Audit Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Public Works Department (Prestige), and Ghana Postal Company.