Stop Putting Stones On Your Leaking Gas Cylinders – Fire Service Warns Public

Stop Putting Stones On Your Leaking Gas Cylinders – Fire Service Warns Public



The Ghana National Fire Service is advising the public to desist from putting stones on their leaking gas cylinders and get new regulators. According to the Service, it is recording high numbers of domestic fires in the Central Region. Speaking on a working visit to the Effutu Municipal Assembly in the Central Region, Central


Region Fire officer, ACFO John Amarlai Amartey revealed that the rate of such accidents is alarming and should be avoided. The Central Region, he stated, recorded 608 domestic fires in the first half of 2022. These 608 cases recorded represents an increase from the 502 cases that were recorded in 2021. Central Regional Fire Service



Commander, John Amarlai Amartey attributed the increase in domestic fires to faulty cylinders used by Ghanaians. Mr Amartey appealed to Ghanaians to endeavour to change the seals on their cylinders to avoid the occurrences of domestic fire outbreaks to save lives and properties. He entreated cylinder users to



consistently change their regulators and stop putting stones on their cylinders if they start smelling leakages. You go to some homes where faulty cylinders are not worked on. People use stones to put on their cylinders in their bid to avoid leakages. These are the things that are causing many domestic fires, he stated. He also



inspected a newly installed fire tender given to them by Winneba Fire Station friends from the USA and commended the fire officers from Charlottesville (USA) for bringing them the modern fire tender  Meanwhile, the Effutu Municipal Fire Service Commander, DO2 Kwesi Hughes, called on drivers to respect road signs to reduce road accidents on the Kasoa Cape-Coast Highway.