Takoradi ‘Fake’ Pregnant Woman To Open Defence

Takoradi ‘Fake’ Pregnant Woman To Open Defence



Josphine Panyin Mensah, the 29-year-old woman at the centre of the controversial pregnancy and kidnapping claims in Takoradi, is expected for the first time to narrate her side of the story to the court from April 7, 2022. This follows an order by the Takoradi Circuit Court ‘A’ for the accused to


open her defence, after eight prosecution witnesses have testified in the case. Prior to the court’s order, counsel for the accused, Fiifi Buckman, in his submission of no case, argued that the prosecution has not been able to establish a prima facie case against his client for her to open her defence. The



court, however, thought otherwise and indicated that the prosecution has been able to establish that the accused was not kidnapped neither was she pregnant. According to the court, presided over by His Honour Michael Ampadu, the accused was charged with publication of false news and deceit



of public officer. It indicated that the prosecution has been able to furnish the court with all the requisite documents to support the two counts. The court pointed out that, out of the eight witnesses, only two said they saw the accused pregnant. The judge, however, indicated that all the doctors who



conducted medical examination on the accused and testified in the case, pointed out that Josephine Panyin Mensah was not pregnant. The court, therefore, indicated that it was incumbent on the accused person to prove that indeed she was pregnant, by opening her defence. The court then



adjourned the case to April 7, 2022. Later in an interview, the lawyer for the accused, Fiifi Buckman, said he would later go for the court order because there were certain averments the court made that did not support what was on record. “So I will have to take the ruling and juxtapose it with the records that I have, then we will see the way forward,” he added. He continued, “I will also call my witnesses if the time comes or when we formally decide to open our defence.”