Takoradi: Family Of Driver Who Died In Cells Sues Police

Takoradi: Family Of Driver Who Died In Cells Sues Police



The family of a taxi driver who also died in a police cells after he was arrested for knocking down some police officers around the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in the Sekondi-Takoradi, has dragged the Ghana Police Service to court. The family also says it seeks to find answers on what killed Joseph Entsie as it suspects


foul play. Entsie was pronounced dead at the Sekondi Police cells on December 25, 2021; the same day he was arrested and detained. In an interview, brother of the deceased taxi driver, Kwame Appiah, said the Police have on a number of occasions attempted changing the narrative claiming that he committed suicide. We will be



going to court on March 2. After the post-mortem, we’ve not seen any report. The police and the doctor have refused to give it to us. They say my brother hanged himself in the cells. He was in shorts when he was going to the cells, but he was in trousers when he was found hanging dead. So who gave him that trousers?



No one saw him hanging in the cells so they have to come and explain everything to us, he stated. He also indicated that the family will not bury the body until the truth is revealed. We are waiting for the whole issue to be investigated before we do the burial service. We can’t bury him right now because if we do, the case will



be a foolish case. If our brother will be at the mortuary for 100 days, we don’t care because it is the police that took the body there and they are paying for it.