Takoradi: Informant in murdered NPP Treasurer’s case remanded for deceit

Takoradi: Informant in murdered NPP Treasurer’s case remanded for deceit

Investigations into the murder of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Takoradi constituency treasurer has taken an interesting turn following the arrest of the informant, Nana Bassaw also known as Born Black.

Nana Bassaw was the one who reported Anthony Mensah as the suspect behind the murder.

According to Citi News sources,  the 49-year-old informant who was on Friday remanded by the Takoradi Habour Circuit Court B for deceiving public officers after lying  to the Takoradi Market Circle Police that Anthony Mensah was the one behind the shooting of the late NPP treasurer.

The source indicated that after the informant got the suspect arrested, police investigations later confirmed that Bassaw fought with the suspect days before where the suspect destroyed his phone without replacing – hence the reason he framed Anthony up for murder allegations.

After the arrest of the suspect,  the informant managed to get the suspect’s family to buy him his phone and then proceeded to tell the police that he was misled and misinformed by another lady.

The court therefore could not accept his plea and remanded him.

Earlier, the Police in the Western Region said they were investigating Anthony Mensah, who is a resident of Amanful in Takoradi.

It was suspected that, he supplied the gun that was used to kill the Constituency Treasurer, Mark Ofori, at his residence in Fijai.

Anthony Mensah, believed to be in his 30’s was arrested at Amanful by a night police patrol team following a tip-off.

The NPP Takoradi Constituency Treasurer, Mark Ofori, was shot at his residence on the dawn of Wednesday 30th October 2019.

Another man was also shot on the same day.