Tema: Port Workers Go On Rampage Over Death Of Colleague

Tema: Port Workers Go On Rampage Over Death Of Colleague



There was chaos at the Tema Port following the death of a worker at the transit yard (Depot 10 - Burkina Yard) of the port. According to an eyewitness, the deceased, while working on a container, fell and then landed on his head, dying instantly. However, after several calls from the colleagues for an ambulance, no ambulance was


also dispatched to covey the body to the mortuary. The eyewitness, in an interview said the colleagues began a protest over the development especially as they have consistently informed management about the need for a standby ambulance in the yard due to the high risk involved in the work there. That section is a thin line



between life and death and there must be an available ambulance parked 24/7 so that when an incident like this happens, the ambulance can convey the person. We’ve talked about this issue about ambulance but all fell on deaf ears. The workers were angry because the ambulance didn’t show up, he said. Mr. Ayitey said in



the course of the protest, some armed police officers came in and began firing into the protestors, injuring some of them in the process, including one person who was hit in the eye, with rubber bullets. The Management called for police and when they came, the shot into the crowd. They were about six officers. They were shooting



directly at the crowd. One person had his eye shot and the other, the back. Meanwhile, the situation at the port is also said to have normalized, but soldiers have been invited to guard the port and its infrastructure.