Teshie Traditional Council Warns Encroachers

Teshie Traditional Council Warns Encroachers



Teshie Traditional Council has cautioned encroachers who are illegally occupying its lands at Manet Spintex (Okpi-Gonno) in Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal District of the Greater Accra Region. According to the council, all efforts to get the encroachers, particularly the private developers, to desist from building on the said lands


have proven futile. Speaking at press conference in the Accra to issue a final warning to private developers, Secretary of the Traditional Council of Elders, Paul Akporh Sowah, said about 99 acres of land at Manet Spintex is being developed into a shopping mall without proper arrangement with the traditional rulers. He said it



was prudent for the developers to come and see the custodians of the land for the necessary arrangement to be done before proceeding to develop the land. The person developing the land should stop whatever he is also doing and come quickly to meet us for proper arrangement which will benefit the people of Teshie, he



said. He said the Manet Spintex area has also been earmarked to be developed, in future, into a satellite city for the people of Teshie, therefore any development which is ongoing is contrary to what the traditional rulers has planned. We are calling on the president and the people in authority to act now, he said. Nii Adjetey



Obuor Bour I, Chief of New Legon, called on the people of La, Teshie and Nungua to unite and ensure that as custodians, they protect the lands handed over to them by their forebears. It is time we stop the backbiting and things that will divide us and come together as a united force and protect what is ours, the divisions are too much and that is what people are taking advantage of to take that which is ours, he said.