There Are Still Pre-Registered SIM Cards In The System – Sam George

There Are Still Pre-Registered SIM Cards In The System – Sam George




The Deputy Ranking Member on the Parliament’s Communications Committee has said that the objective of the SIM re-registration exercise will not be realised if the current approach adopted by the Communication and Digitalisation Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful is not changed. Mr. Sam Nartey George cited for instance that,


inspite of the exercise, there are pre-registered SIM cards being sold on the market. The Ningo Prampram MP explained that the existence of pre-registered SIM cards on the markets indicates that the work done so far has not amounted to much. As we speak today, there are SIM cards that have been registered, out of the 21 million that



have completed stage one and stage two. Some of those SIM cards have been registered by other people’s Ghana Card fictitiously. And as we speak today, there are pre-registered SIM cards registered with Ghana Card on the market. So what is the Minister solving? he asked. He asserted that the registration of SIM cards does not in



any way stop SIM fraud, adding that that it is “a fallacy of fact.” Mr. Nartey George claimed that Ursula Owusu-Ekuful in her haste to score “cheap political points” has failed in the implementation of the policy. “The Minister is on record to have said that people have registered more than 10 SIM cards to one Ghana Card. Is that not



an admission of failure?.. In her last but one public speech, she admitted and she was now warning people to go and unregister the SIM Cards, Mr. George said. It would be recalled that the Communication Ministry on Friday announced that it will proceed to deactivate all unregistered SIM cards on the 30th of November 2022,



after several postponements. The Ministry in statement said so far, only 70 percent of those who linked their SIM cards with their Ghana Cards have gone ahead to fully register, leaving some nine million SIM cards unregistered.