There’s No Tension Between Me And Bagbin, We Only Disagree On Issues - First Deputy Speaker

There’s No Tension Between Me And Bagbin, We Only Disagree On Issues - First Deputy Speaker
Joseph Osei-Owusu



The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Joseph Osei Owusu has underscored that there is no rift between him and the Speaker, Alban Bagbin, although they tend to have distinct ways of addressing issues. According to him, it would be utterly unfair for people to draw such conclusions because there have been several instances


where they all had opposing views on particular issues also before their current portfolios in the House. His comment follows Speaker Bagbin’s dissatisfaction with him for dismissing a motion to constitute a bipartisan Committee to probe into the Government’s Covid-19 expenditure. Mr Bagbin had indicated on Wednesday,



the February 23, that Joseph Osei-Owusu’s decision to overrule his ruling over the matter, particularly when he had admitted the motion is unconstitutional, illegal and offensive. But in an interview on Saturday, the Bekwai lawmaker stressed that the comments by the Speaker amount to intolerance of other people’s views. The fact



that Mr Speaker may have also ruled differently doesn’t make mine offensive; it only shows that we look at the same thing from different perspectives. To say that because my ruling is different from how he may have ruled, it’s unconstitutional and offensive is the height of, in my view, intolerance of other people’s views, and that



is my challenge. Frankly, in my view, there is no tension. We disagree on the way we interpret things. That is not the only time we have disagreed; so, disagreeing with him is not new but to say disagreeing with him now because probably he’s the Speaker is most unfair and, in my view, the height of intolerance of other views, he



said. He added, When he [Alban Bagbin] was Chairman of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee, I was a Ranking Member. On a number of occasions, we disagreed strongly. I recall when we were discussing the property rights of spouses, we took two very strong different views. Because we couldn’t reconcile, he actually said we should refer the Bill back to the Executive because couldn’t reconcile.