free Online marketplace where you can buy & sell free Online marketplace where you can buy & sell



Just as selling on the internet is currently the easiest and fastest way to get your product in your customer’s hands, buying on the internet likewise offers the consumer the wildest pool of products and services to pick from and that is where comes in.


Ghana has had its fair share of online marketplaces popping up in the last few years but the obvious best and perfect place to buy and sell anything and everything of your choice in Ghana is, the current biggest online marketplace in Ghana.





Let me give solid reasons why should be your first and last choice when it comes to either selling your product and services online and buying whatever you need online. Come with me…



1.The Biggest Online Marketplace In Ghana is currently, the biggest well-resourced market place in Ghana where placing your advert brings results. In the same vein, is where every product or service you need is in abundance for you to pick from at your pleasure.



2. The first online Marketplace that gives users Free international online radio with just a single click.Yes, you heard right! On, not only can you buy and sell your products and services, you can equally just log on to and listen to any radio in the world.



3. Users have free Currency converter that enables them to convert any currency to another with just a single click.Unlike other online marketplaces in Ghana which restricts you to the dollar and Cedis, you can buy and sell in every currency in the world safely.



4.The first and only online marketplace in Ghana that offers users Free World Constitution of every country.Don’t just place your adverts and buy your product and services and leave, you can equally learn any constitution in the world on…What more do you need?



5. Users are NOT charged for your Ad listing

The kicker! place your ads on free of charge. Don’t pay any penny to anyone for listing your product or service. And again, What more do you need?


6. The only online marketplace that offers users PROMOTED Ad listing fee for as low as 10ghc

GHS10 is as low as 2 dollars if you convert and if this is not the best online market place in the country, then I wonder what else is there.


7. The Safest, Secured and Trusted Online Marketplace in Ghana.Your safety is assured with We know, understand and appreciate the risk and even the criminal prosecution that can come with putting customers at risk. So trust us if we tell you are covered!


8. Registered and Trademarked company

We didn’t just wake and decided to do this. is a registered and Trademarked company and such recognition comes with responsibilities.Now that you see why we are boastful as the best online marketplace in Ghana, let me give the categories you can find on




  1. Electronics
  2. Automobiles
  3. Real Estates
  4. Services
  5. Food & Agric
  6. Pets & Mascots
  7. Education
  8. Local Events
  9. Jobs




  1. RADIO
  2. FOREX

Shop with NOW and you won’t regret your choice …I Am Your Everything.