Transport Operators Threaten To Increase Fares By 30%

Transport Operators Threaten To Increase Fares By 30%



The Coalition of Transport Operators says its members have reached a consensus to increase transport fares by 30% effective next week. This decision was reached after a 16 member transport union including Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU), Concerned Drivers Association, Progressive Transport Owners


Association (PROTOA), amongst others, also met on Thursday, February 3, 2022, in Accra over concerns about the hikes in fuel prices. According to the union, the increase stems from hikes in fuel prices lately in the country, which they say is taking a toll on their finances. The union however says it will meet with the Ministry of



Transport over the expected increment on the Monday, February 7, 2022. Speaking to the media PRO for the Concerned Drivers Association, David Agboado said passengers should expect to pay more transport fares after their engagement with the Minister of Transport. On Thursday, we met at TUC, GPRTU headquarters, and



we have decided to increase the transport fares by 30%. The measures we used to reach this decision are; the current increase in fuel prices, increase in the price of items we use, government charges amongst others. That is what we are going to charge after seeing the Minister on Monday. Over the last few months, the



frequent increase in fuel prices has been of much concern to drivers, particularly commercial drivers. Members of the Concerned Drivers Association have on several occasions tried to increase transport fares, but after talks with the government, they hold back, hoping that the prices of fuel will reduce. At some fuel pumps,



a litre of fuel has also exceeded the GH¢7 prices. The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers has predicted that fuel prices may cross the GH¢8 mark by March 2022.