Trigmatic Apologizes To Amakye Dede

Trigmatic Apologizes To Amakye Dede



Ghanaian musician, Trigmatic has issued an apology to Amakye Dede after alleging in an interview that Amakye Dede doesn’t write his own songs. Trigmatic made this comment when was listing his top 5 Ghanaian songwriters.

Trigmatic listed his favourite Ghanian songwriters but failed to include Amakye Dede because according to him, Amakye Dede’s songs were written for him.



Listing on the older generation, he said;

“One of the very greatest writers for me has been Ephraim Amu. I think he’s an amazing writer. Also, I love coming back down down down. Kojo Antwi is an amazing songwriter, Daddy Lumba is an amazing writer as well. I love Martin Nkansah and I love the writing of J. A. Adofo.”


He then said; “Well, Amakye Dede, I love his songwriting but I also know that he used to have a songwriter some years back. I’ve forgotten his name he’s dead now. This is a story I heard from Akablay and I’ve also heard the same from one of the older



musicians so I know that there is some consistency there.His comments didn’t seem to go down well with Amakye Dede and his team and hence Trigmatic’s public apology.



In his apology, he said; “I have not even seen the story, I received series of calls but because I didn’t know some of the numbers, there were some that I didn’t pick up and then I did get some calls from the man himself and he wasn’t too happy with my



statement on the show and also Akwasi Aboagye called me and I explained from my angle that it was without any malice, I have no intentions to defame him or anything of that sort so he spoke to me that they’re not happy.


“In order to bring peace and from a very responsible and respectful point, I’d rather not necessarily explain or express cos that will only drag the entire thing. Rather do the needful this morning on the same platform which I suppose gave a statement that they’re not happy about,”



He added; “One thing I want to put out is that I have no intention whatsoever to defame anybody, for my records I’ve been very consistent in honouring some of these legends; I mean from J.A Adofo to Ebo Taylor recently. I wish I got the same clouts for it



when i did these events however it just happened that it has to be so and I just want to take this opportunity to render an apology that whatever I said that didn’t go well with the man himself, not only because he’s a musician but also because he’s a predecessor and he’s a legend at it, that’s number 1.



“Number 2, he’s Chief so he’s a father of the soil and he must be respected. I take back my words if he wasn’t so happy with it. I meant no evil, I had no evil intention, I had no intention of defaming him or destroying his image or hard work.



It’s a clear issue of an irresponsible statement or a loose thought that came out and I take back my words and I’m not proud to render an apology which is why this morning instead of getting into what really happened and all of that,



I’d want to say that I’m really really sorry and that statement was irresponsible, I take responsibility for it. And I hope that they’d take it in good faith.”Trigmatic recently released his 4th album, ‘The Eighth Element’.