Two Accused Of Killing 11 Year Old Boy To Be Charged With Murder

Two Accused Of Killing 11 Year Old Boy To Be Charged With Murder



The Attorney General’s Department has advised that the two 2 accused persons involved in the killing of 11 year old Ishmael Mensah for alleged money ritual purposes at Lamptey Mills, a suburb near Kasoa be charged with murder and this came to light during the hearing of the case in court on the Wednesday the June 16, 2021. The


two persons are Nicholas Kini and Eric Nyarko. Counsel for both the accused persons, Mr Samuel Attuah is also however optimistic that the case would be moved from the Ofaakor District Court to a High court. He said he is still pursuing the bail application for his clients. The AG has advised that the two be charged for the conspiracy



to wit murder and the file forwarded to the AG’s office for further directives for the bill of indictment and sum of evidence, so we can all also start the trial as early as possible, which is good because everyone is interested in this case. So, we are also very happy that the AG has advised in this direction. Family spokesperson for the



late Ishmael Mensah, Samad Akalilu said, although they are also happy with the directive from the AG’s office to charge all the two with murder, they want a speedy trial. We also want an expeditious trial and we are not happy when a day passes, and this case is never fast-tracked. But on the flip side, we are also happy because we have



been waiting for what they say is the AG’s advice, but on one breath we are generally not happy because the case is still delaying. Meanwhile, sitting judge, Eric Oheneba Antwi Boasiako also postponed the case to the July 15 2021 for further hearing.