V/R: Man, 26, Prophetess Arrested For Killing 12 Year Old At Mafi Dove

V/R: Man, 26, Prophetess Arrested For Killing 12 Year Old At Mafi Dove



Two persons are also in the grips of the Aveyime Battor police for the gruesome murder of a 12 year old boy at the Mafi Dove in the Central Tongu District of the Volta region. The main suspect, 26 year old Dovi Tsidi, and a relative of the victim is alleged to have beheaded the 12 year old boy Kofi Kuzagbe Tsidi on the Sunday at about


9 pm. According to the Assembly Member for the Mafi Dove Electoral Area, Mr. Moses Awukuvi Danyevor, and a self acclaimed prophetess, Flora Ekpe, who has been linked too with the incident has also been arrested. The suspect went into hiding at a prayer camp where he was with a prophetess, Flora Ekpe, who is also believed to



be associated with the crime. The Assemblyman also noted that, the victim was drowned to ensure that he became weak before he was killed. They both stay in the same house. He took the deceased from Mafi Dove and crossed the creek at Mlagoe to Aflokofe after the drumming, where the crime was committed, he added.



The news of the murder incident came to light after a drumming competition in the area on the Sunday night following a funeral and burial of a relative of the victim and the suspect. The suspect, according Mr. Awukuvi-Danyevor, went into hiding after noticing the community was after him. He hid the body of the deceased under



the creeks and bolted with the head to a maize farm where he also hid the head under some leafs but was followed up and then nabbed at the prayer camp of the prophetess. The suspects are also currently in custody assisting the Aveyime Battor police in investigations.