Walewale Dumsor -Chief calls for Intervention as public amid anger

Walewale Dumsor -Chief calls for Intervention as public amid anger

Amidst a wave of growing public anger, the chief of Walewale, Naa Seidu Abudu, has urged the Volta River Authority (VRA) to quickly address the rampant power outages in the area.

Naa Abudu said, the power utility provider must act swiftly to restore constant power in order to save businesses as well as end rising public indignation, which threatens peace and order in the area.

Residents of the town have been agitating since August over unstable power supply in their homes and workplaces.

They staged a street protest last week to demand the provision of regular electricity and other basic services.

"People come and when you want to wash their hair, the lights go off", said Amina, a rural-urban migrant who returned to set up a salon business.

"Sometimes people hairs are already in the washing machine and the lights will go off. The people are always angry and we have problems with them".

A cold store owner has lost over four thousand tons of fish due to the power outages.

A pure water producing company is contemplating to lay off staff and private homes have suffered massive damages to electrical belongings.

Speaking to JoyNews, the chief said many people cannot do their work now because there is no constant electricity supply.

"I have to plead with the electricity people to see how can help and do the thing fast, if not ...yes, it's affecting them", the chief stated.

Electricity issue is a big and sensitive subject in the vice president's hometown.

Debates over it mostly leads to polarised public discourse and political tensions which sometimes ends up in chaos and violence between sympathisers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).