We Are Hoping 2023 Will Be A Better Year - TUC Boss

We Are Hoping 2023 Will Be A Better Year - TUC Boss



Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) Dr Yaw Baah has expressed optimism that 2023 will be a better year. This follows the new minimum wage that has been concluded by the national tripartite committee. He told journalists in Accra on Wednesday November 16 that “I will first of all thank our partners, government and


and employers for working together with us in the last three days. “It has been very hectic but in the sprit of tripartism we have managed to conclude these very difficult discussion. It is difficult because the conditions we have found ourselves in are not what we expected. “Ideally, we should have lower inflation so that our



salaries will be protected. In the last few months, we have had situations where inflation is going up. We should all work together and make sure we are out of this workers, employers and government. We are hoping that 2023 will will be a better year than 2022. “It is on this note that I will like to appeal to all of us – workers,



employers and government, to continue to work together in the spirit of peace so that we can get out of this otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much you offer your employees, how much government offers employees, it will still not take us home, that is why we should work together. He added “We know that this will cushion



workers a little bit. This is the time we need this. So from 2023 as we expect better times, we hope that this will cushion the workers further,” Yaw Baah told journalists in Accra on Wednesday November 16. The Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Ignatius Baffuor Awuah announced that the national daily minimum wage



has been increased from GH¢13.53 in 2022 to GH¢14.88 pesewas for the year 2023. Organized Labour, the Ghana Employers Association and government have been meeting on the determination of the national daily minimum wage for 2023 since Monday November 14. This afternoon, the Minister said at a press conference in



Accra on Wednesday November 16 that, the national tripartite committee concluded the negotiations and “we think this is the best time to communicate to Ghanaians on the outcome of the negotiations.” The committee, he said, took into account the current economic challenges, cost of living, sustainability of businesses and



desirability of attaining higher levels of employment. “The committee concluded on the need to increase the national daily minimum wage by 10 per cent over the 2022 national daily minimum wage which translates into new national daily minimum wage of GH¢14.88 pesewas and a cost of living allowance of 15 per cent over the



2023 national daily minimum wage. “The effective date for the implementation of the 2023 national daily minimum wage shall be 1st January 2023. “All establishments, institutions, organizations whose daily minimum wages are below the new rate should adjust accordingly effective 1st January 2023,” he said.