We Can’t Tolerate Dust Anymore - South Tongu Residents To Government

We Can’t Tolerate Dust Anymore - South Tongu Residents To Government



The Residents of Tefle, a community in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region have also served notice they would be marching to Accra to demand that government fixes roads in the District. They say their intended protest will take place if authorities fail to construct better roads for them within this year. It’s affecting the community life


here ,day life and night life. We depend on the road. Cars have also been always knocking down animals and even humans, some residents said. Several residents also expressed concerns over how the poor state of roads in the District has left people with broken legs, rashes and high cost of vehicle maintenance by motorists. Motorists



who use the road lament poor visibility, which makes their transport business unsafe. Someone’s legs are broken because a driver was trying to swerve a pothole. The Assembly Member promised the entire community that the road will be fixed within six months but it is one and a half year now [since he made that promise]. It is so bad that we cannot tolerate the dust anymore. When you



enter people’s rooms, it’s too bad. In each day, you have to wash your clothes to ensure they are clean due to the dust. You don’t wear any neat thing again, they said. A contract was awarded to Kin K Company Limited in January 12, 2020 for construction works on the four-kilometre road network linking the Tefle community to the District capital, over a period of six months. But after more than two years, what was supposed to be a six-month project is yet to be completed.



some community members