We Won't Accept Police Report - Family Of Shadrach Arloo

We Won't Accept Police Report - Family Of Shadrach Arloo
Shadrach Arloo



The Family of late Shadrach Arloo says they cannot accept findings contained in the police post-mortem report as the cause of death of their kinsman. Shadrach, 32, had died at the West Hills Mall following an altercation with private security guards and a police officer who were trying to search his bag.



A Ga East Municipal Pathologist has given the cause of death of Shadrach Arloo as asphyxiation and obstruction of airway by a foreign body. The pathologist, Dr. Rosana Polincio Segborwortso, had allegedly retrieved from the throat of the deceased, eight zipped bags containing dry leaves suspected to be narcotic drugs tied in a piece of black polythene.



According to the family, the police had conducted the test in the absence of their doctor hence it makes it difficult for them to believe and accept the report. “My stand is because they did not wait for our doctor to be present before they conducted the test, we will not accept it. My family will also not accept it whatever they brought out,” a sister of the deceased and family spokesperson said.



The family’s spokesperson, Perpetual Didier explained that it was difficult to believe that Shadrach [deceased] could swallow weed in rubber and without any evidence to prove he did so. “I am asking Ghanaians if weed can easily be swallowed like okro. Can weed in rubber be easily swallowed? What baffles me is that the time he was swallowing the substance, there was no video evidence,” she said.



“She added that the West Hills Mall has a lot of CCTV cameras so the police should easily prove that indeed he swallowed the weed.” “Already we have footage of the action. How the brutalisation was going on, how they were handcuffing him, beating him, torturing him, stepping on his back, and holding his leg yet the police did not include it in their statement.



They seem to have swept that away,” she bemoaned. She asserted that, the weed might have been planted in the throat of her brother when the body was deposited at the morgue. She insisted that the police must provide evidence of their kinsman swallowing the substance.



“The police must answer these questions in court… if you are saying that is the only thing that killed him, provide the evidence. You are going to answer how there were no traces of torture but just weed. Are you covering up for someone?” she quizzed. The musician added that she had told the police to allow them bring their own doctor but they refused, claiming that the doctor in charge of the autopsy was travelling and there was no time.