We’re On The Right Path To Building A New Economy – Bawumia

We’re On The Right Path To Building A New Economy – Bawumia



Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has spoken strongly about the Ghanaian economy, whiles outlining some key policy interventions his administration has rolled out to build a resilient economy that will stand the test of time. The country’s economy has become the center of


discussion both on the local and international front, following a downgrade to Caa1 by credit rating agency, Moody’s. Addressing participants at this year’s Ghana Youth Congress, Dr. Bawumia encouraged the Ghanaian people to be hopeful of overcoming the country’s current economic



situation, to one with a better outlook as government continues to take steps in the right direction. He urged the youth to play their part to help grow the economy “My major goal is to make sure that whatever we can do to move this country and to build this country and to build a new


economy that is what we are going to do. Don’t have a mindset that says it hasn’t been elsewhere, it hasn’t been done in the advanced nations so we cannot do it in Ghana.” “Since we’ve been in office, we have been deliberately trying to put in place many systems that Ghana did not have or does not



have, that we haven’t had since independence. The absence of these systems have held our country back,” he said. The Vice President also stressed the need for a unique national identity. He says that will help to generate a common database for the country. “How can you develop a nation when you


don’t know who is in the nation? You cannot uniquely identify who is in the nation. Someone in Ghana can be born and die at the age of 90 and they will not be recognised in any record in Ghana – there is no unique identity.” “How can a country develop without unique national identity? All the



advanced economies that we want to be like all have unique identities; either social security numbers, national insurance numbers or national ID numbers. They all have unique identities because you cannot develop a nation without a unique identity.”