We’ve Lost Faith In The Court, Intervene In Boundary Dispute - Weija Traditional Council

We’ve Lost Faith In The Court, Intervene In Boundary Dispute - Weija Traditional Council



The Weija Traditional Council also wants government intervention to settle its long-standing boundary dispute with the Ghana Water Company Limited, the people of the Gbawe, and the Ngleshie Amanfrom. The traditional authority says it has lost faith in the court system in addressing their concerns, hence need for government


intervention. The Weija Traditional Council made the call to the government at a press conference. It says a government intervention would be the only way to end the unwarranted confrontations between the parties. The traditional authority recounted instances where a violent confrontation over the boundary dispute led to



the death of one of their chiefs, Nii Kwaku Bibini years back. Their worse fear is that if the government fails to intervene the rising tension in the area can escalate into violence. Dzaasetse of Weija, Obgedada Boafo Danyina - Nse I, said; We call on the government to settle the boundary issues between the Weija, Gbawe , Ngleshie



Amanfrom, and the Ghana Water Company Limited before the situation escalates. Failure to address the issue will cause a clash between the residents of these communities and the company, who are claiming lands believed to be in their jurisdiction because the court is not forthcoming, hence our call for the government’s



intervention. The traditional council knows some people have also encroached on their lands, creating unrest between the parties. Now, is the time to deal with the boundary demarcation. He also added that the Weija community has overgrown in population size and that the residents need space to lay their heads. The Weija



community has overgrown and government needs to release portions of the over 13,000 acres of land apart from the Buffer Zone to the Traditional leaders for development. Inhabitants do not have places to lay their heads, hence the government should show us the boundaries.