World Stroke Day: Doctors reveal high cases in young people in Ghana

World Stroke Day: Doctors reveal high cases in young people in Ghana

The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has recorded a number of strokes in young people, a Neurologist at the facility has revealed.

According to Neurologist at the Stroke Unit, Dr. David Broddi-Mends, the condition has increased in young people and deaths have been recorded from the defect.

“The incidence of stroke does increase as we grow older but we’ve noticed that younger and younger people are getting strokes,” Dr. David Broddi-Mends disclosed.

As Ghana joined the rest of the world to commemorate World Stroke Day on Tuesday, the doctor revealed some symptoms to look out for that indicates a person is developing a stroke.

“If one side of the face is drooping or if the mouth has shifted to one place then you know that maybe that person has had a stroke,” he added.

He also said that other symptoms such as, “weakness in one hand, sometimes weakness in one leg, blurred speeches,” also indicate a critical stage of the disease which needs immediate medical attention.

World Stroke Day is marked on October 29, each year to raise awareness on the condition.

Neurologists at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital revealed that the condition has increased among young people with teenagers as young as 13-year-olds, suffering from the condition.

Although some patients are unable to recover fully, Occupational and Myoskeletal therapist, Kafui Badigah, shared that occupational therapy can reduce the effects of the disorder.

“The person must start writing like a child with chalk first, picking of marbles, chewing of gums and also blowing balloons helps to loosen the tongue a bit, ” he said.

Poor stress management, busy lifestyles and hypertension are all risk factors of hypertension.


Source: Myjoyonline