You May Now Begin Auction Sales - OSP Tells Customs Division

You May Now Begin Auction Sales - OSP Tells Customs Division



The Office of the Special Prosecutor  has now lifted the ban on all auction sales it placed on Customs Division. In a press release issued on the Monday, the September 12, and signed by Special Prosecutor said the sale can begin today. The Customs Division may commence auction sales of vehicles and other goods from the Monday, 12


September 2022. It however asked the Division to strictly comply with the Customs Act, 2015. ‘The auction sales should be conducted strictly in accordance with legal requirements, especially the provisions of the Customs Act, 2015 (Act 891). Meanwhile, the OSP has charged the Customs Division to comply with ongoing investigations.



The Customs Division should cooperate with and work closely with authorised officers of the Office of Special Prosecutor in respect of the investigations and also the conduct of auction sales. The OSP on Monday, August 22, banned all auction sales. Ban followed an ongoing investigation into alleged corruption in auction activities



at the Customs Division. The Special Prosecutor further directed the Commissioner of the Customs Division to immediately halt and discontinue all auction sales until the investigation is concluded.






What led to the investigations?

The OSP has commenced a probe into activities at the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). The investigation is based on corruption and corruption-related auction sale of vehicles, and goods among other activities at the Division.  The probe was between July 1, 2016, and August 15, 2022.