Your Ghana Card Will Expire In 10 Years – NIA

Your Ghana Card Will Expire In 10 Years – NIA



National Identification Authority’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Abdul Ganiyu, has said all Ghana cards have a 10-year lifespan. The card has an expiry date, which is 10 years from the day of acquisition, So, if you got your Ghana card, let’s say in 2022, then the expectation will be that in 2032, it expires; and that makes a lot of sense


because technology will continue to change, will also continue to improve; as we speak, we believe that we have one of the best identity systems that you can find anywhere in the world but 10 years from now, obviously, some new trends would have emerged and you’d want to tweak and tinker with the system that you have so



that it will continue to be relevant, so, that is the thinking behind the expiry after the 10 years, Ganiyu explained. And, also, after the 10 years a lot may have changed about you that you probably may want an update, some records being changed here and there, so on and so forth, he added. The Ghana card has become the main



identity document in Ghana. Currently, it is the only document being used to register the SIM cards in the country. Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation extended the deadline for the registration from the 31 March 2022 to the 31 July 2022. A statement from the ministry issued on Tuesday, 22 March 2022 said; As of



17 March, 14,091,542 SIM cards had been linked to the Ghana card while 10,348,532 bio-captures had been also conducted and 99,445 new SIMs registered. The ministry said, Due to a number factors including the fact that over 7.5 million citizens and residents are yet to obtain Ghana cards to enable them to register their SIM



cards, it is clear that the deadline for completion of the registration of the remaining active SIM cards cannot be met. Also, it said, More time will also be required to update the SIM registration app for the registration of diplomats while a self-service SIM registration app is also being developed to facilitate the registration of SIM



cards for Ghanaians resident abroad. This will be operational by mid-April, the statement noted. The Ministry of Communication and Digitalisation has, therefore, extended the deadline for the registration of SIM cards to 31 July 2022, the statement announced.