Zangbeyire: Residents Bemoan Increase In Elephant Invasion

Zangbeyire:  Residents Bemoan Increase In Elephant Invasion



An increase in elephant invasion in some parts of the the Zangbeyire in the Upper East Region has resulted in food insecurity. Residents are concerned because their farms too are being destroyed by elephants. About 250 farms have so far been affected. According to farmers in the locality, there will be severe consequences if the


matter is not addressed. Areas also affected include Zangbeyire Natinga, Bulinga, Apoatdabogo and Zorga. Residents in these areas have always had to flee when the elephants storm the town. Such incidents take place from the October to november annually. According to report, residents have all been battling with this ordeal



for the past four years. Ayeebo Wahabu, a farmer had his 20 acres of maize and 10 acres of Guinea corn farm destroyed. According to him he had invested thousands of cedis into the business but harvested less. Imoro Sumani, Asamande Eric, Ayembilla Bukari and Akugri Adam are also victims of the elephants invasion. Mr.



Sumani had 28 hectares of millet and 16 hectares of Guinea corn farm destroyed. Mr. Eric’s one acre of cassava, 12 acres of Guinea corn and Mr. Bukari’s 5 acres of Guinea corn



Mr.Ayembila Bukari



were also destroyed while Mr. Adam lost three acres of Guinea corn and 2 acres of soya beans. The residents want the Wildlife division of the Forestry Commission to capture the elephants and create an ecotourism in the locality.